The Top 8 Interior Design Trends and Ideas for Winter


Winter 2015/2016 has passed, but there’s still time to take advantage of the latest winter interior design ideas for a beautiful, fresh new look to your home refurbishment, that are bang on trend.

As always during this season, the key is to create a crisp winter theme whilst still making the environment feel cosy and warm during those snowy nights, and we’ve got a few ideas to help you achieve exactly that.

1). Dark blues

Dark and midnight blue colours are very popular this season and provide that frosty winter feel whilst adding a splash of rich colour to any interior environment. If you don’t want to buy new furniture, consider simpler accessories, such as cushions, drapes, blankets and ornaments.

2). Winter greys

Another popular palette of colours is based on neutral greys with silvery tones, which tie in perfectly with frosty winter mornings and snowy landscapes. This subtle colour is perfect for broader transformations regarding walls, floors and furniture. If you would prefer a little more contrast to the room, some rich winter colours of your choice can pair superbly well.

3). Knits

Winter is all about feeling warm and cosy during those chilly nights, so if you’ve opted for a winter colour theme, a fantastic way to add some softness to the scene is with knitted accessories. Some popular choices in 2015 included thick-knitted cushions, throws and woolly pouffes. You could even take it one step further with some knit-covered fixtures and fittings.

4). Rattan

Rattan was a popular interior design choice for winter 2015, with a softer aesthetic texture compared to solid wood or other materials. Rattan chairs or accessories can provide an extra textural dimension to any room whilst bringing some natural elements inside from the frosty outdoors. The calm colours of rattan also pair nicely with many neutral interior design themes.

5). Nature

Bringing nature indoors has been a popular idea this year, and it’s largely continued into winter as well. What makes nature so perfect for this season is that it can provide a strong winter look without making the interior space too cold or sterile. Some great choices revolve around woodland themes, such as thick wood furniture, pastel winter flora and rustic accessories.

6). Leather

Leather never goes out of fashion in any interior space, but dark or worn leathers are a particularly good look for any winter design. The chocolate-brown colours add a sense of warmth to the scene and pair nicely with more neutral colour palettes. Plus, the universal nature of leather makes it a great investment for future seasonal design changes too.

7). Textures

A big hit for winter 2015 was textured fabrics and materials. They work well to add a sense of cosiness and warmth to a winter colour theme. As mentioned above, the use of textures like knits and rattan are particularly popular, and add some extra softness to the environment when you’re snuggling up on the sofa during a frosty winter night.

8). Metallics

Rich metallic colours, such as deep gold and wintery silver, are popular this season, and tie in nicely with a cooler winter theme. Useful ideas include multi-shade metallic bedding interspersed with deep coloured accessories in midnight blue, chocolate brown or deep burgundy. Many permanent fixtures in silver or gold also pair well throughout the entire year with a range of different seasonal styles.

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Anton Carter