5 Ways to Get Better Value for Money in Your Renovation Project

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We all want the best quality result for our project, but at the same time, it’s always nice to save a bit of cash in the process!  After all, no one wants to have their enjoyment of a beautiful new feature spoilt by wincing at an overly expensive price tag.Bischell always incorporates ‘value engineering’ into every project, which means that we consider ways to cut costs whilst still...

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8 Ways to Instantly Make a Room Look Far More Spacious

Most of the time, a spacious environment is more relaxing and enjoyable to be inside. Instead of feeling cramped in...

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Loft Conversion Checklist: Top 20 Questions to Consider

A loft conversion is a fairly sizeable design and build project with literally hundreds of different points to consider. That’s why...

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How to Increase Sales with a Bar or Club Refurbishment

The key to renovating or refurbishing your bar, restaurant or club is to see it as an investment. Those thousands of...

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