6 of the Top Interior Design Trends of 2016


The year is wrapping up but there’s still plenty of time to spruce up your home with some of the most innovative design trends. Whilst you don’t have to necessarily follow any of these trends down to a tee, they can provide some great sources of inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas and would like a snapshot of what is out there in the interior design world this year.

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1). Interchangeable colours

With the internet and social media playing such a key role in most of our lives, interior design trends are now changing faster than ever before. The latest ideas which used to take months or even years to gain steam can now propagate through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in a matter of days.

That’s why an emerging trend involves interchangeable colours. Versatile and neutral tones, such as whites and creams, can provide the primary colour of the environment and then be combined with bright accents by ways of furniture and accessories. This then makes it easy to change the colour scheme to suit your tastes.

2). Open plan design

In 2016, open plan design is still the undisputed king of interior layouts. Whilst many people are shifting towards more traditional and cosier interiors, open plan design is still very popular due to bright, airy and breathable environments which have a wide and spacious feel.

3). Vintage

Vintage has been an emerging trend for quite a few years, and 2016 is no different. Just as chic vintage shops have spawned up all over the UK, the style has also found its way into interior design. This involves anything from vintage fittings to floral furniture.

4). Metallics

Metallics have gained popularity in recent years due to a penchant for mixing colours and textures within the interior design world. Metallic gold and silvers look particularly striking in furniture accents, feature walls, accessories and ornaments.

5). Blue and turquoise

If there’s one colour which has taken hold in 2016, it’s blue, with turquoise coming in a close second. Both colours have featured in fashion cat walks across the world as early as the start of this year, and they’ve both filtered through to interior design with uses of navy, denim and sky blue amongst many others.

6). Combining indoor and out

Indoor and outdoor spaces were once entirely individual, but in recent times, the lines have been removed to merge the two together into a unified living space. A likely by-product of open plan design’s popularity, many now combine spacious interiors with outdoor patios and gardens through the use of wide entrances and folding doors. Even the elements of indoor and outdoor design have been merged, with fabric furniture under gazebos on the outside and garden furniture accents indoors.


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Anton Carter