We contracted Bischell for our fairly large house renovation and I can honestly say that while their prices were comparatively higher, the service and professionalism is unparalleled. We had used a cheaper alternative on our first home and that turned out to be an exercise in frustration and ultimately more expensive. It’s a lesson I won’t soon forget. They’re certainly a top notch company, one which I am extremely happy to vouch for.

Benjamin Friedmann Vice President at WorldOne

I’ve been around the planning process a fair bit, and “can’t be done” is a phrase you hear more often than not. You sometimes have to wonder if it’s the default, go-to phrase when planners are sitting there in a cloud of uncertainty. It takes a persuasive, knowledgeable and frankly downright persistent contractor to fight for your idea and knock down the walls that planners put up. It’s what Bischell excel at. They’ve come through on some tricky applications and some that were no-hopers, Now, they’re simply my go-to people.

Timothy George SOL at Withers Worldwide

They have a solid track record on projects we’ve worked on. Their dedication to a project is second to none. A real flagship example of how it should be done.

Jonathon Cray Property developer

From our first initial meeting we have been so impressed with their enthusiasm and flair. We’re admittedly not the easiest clients you could hope for and we do tend to want to tweak things after they’ve been agreed and our priorities often shift. In spite of that, they’ve always been able to accommodate us somehow. We love the fact that they’ve come to know us so well, that from their own initiative, they could add small touches and details to our house that just makes all the difference. They’re a safe pair of hands in the midst of a complex project and their input has been utterly invaluable.

Patricia Galeota PR Manager – Kingsbury

My biggest worry was having an unresponsive builder. I work unsocial hours and I am the hand holding type so needed someone that would guide me and just be there when I needed advice. Bischell delivered that and much more. They were always accessible and on hand to deal with my endless requests and questions. The level of service you get from them is not something you see often, and I’ve been in the service industry for many years. I’m now their biggest evangelist and will sing their praises whenever I can. I can only pay them back by making my property available to anybody who wants to see the level of quality they deliver and to personally attest to the lengths they go to satisfy you.

Diego Soares Maître d’ – Oslo Court Rest.

I’ve been through 10 contractors in as many years. I’ve never settled on one because even the best of that bunch was always lacking in a critical department. My portfolio now goes exclusively to Bischell. They’re certainly talented, but to be fair, many contractors are. The difference is they plug the gaps others are deficient in. They’ve raised the bar on standards, no question.

Reza Akhan Property developer

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